This post is long overdue, but still deserves posting: I went to GCDS earlier this month and I cannot deny the fact that I had a great time. Some remarks:

  • The whole conference appeared to be nicely organized, kudos to the organizers for that.
  • Having GUADEC and Akademy at the same location was quite interesting. What struck me the most was how differently both communities experience their conference. I was under the impression that KDE hackers prefer to hack at the conferences, while we GNOME people prefer to talk.
  • Related to that point: GNOME people tend to spend longer hours at the parties. KDE people are nice chaps, but they go home awfully early. Other GNOME hackers observed this fact as well.
  • The amount of friendship and open-minded unconstrained communication between everybody in our community is amazing, especially given the fact that most of the people there worked at competing companies. This is something that might be very hard to find in any other corporate environment
  • Spending time in the presence of all this people is extremely motivating. We should especially invite summer of code students to come to GUADEC.
  • Massive thanks to all the sponsors organizing the parties, Codethink sponsoring the pre-SMASHED dinner and OpenSuse (and Guy Lunardi in particular) to sponsor the big dinner at the beach on Thursday.
  • And an enormous thanks to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring part of my travel and stay.

Am already looking forward to the next edition, be it with or without Akademy.

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

July 22, 2009 20:57 #guadec #gnome #gcds