Sometimes the 140 characters of a tweet just aren’t enough to get the message across.

Here are some articles I’ve written:


Annotated slides from a lightning talk at the FOSDEM Go developer room.

SQL Schema migration tool for Go.


Testing with Angular.JS
Annotated slides from a talk I gave on Mar 05, 2014 at the Belgian Angular.JS meetup.

An overview of Angular.JS testing.
This is a two-part talk about unit testing and E2E testing in Angular.JS. Starts with a sample application for each and then covers a lot of corner cases for when things become difficult.


Deploying Node.js with systemd
Annotated slides from a talk I gave on Jan 16, 2013:

Cloud deployment platforms like Heroku and Nodejitsu contain a lot of infrastructure for managing your application: monitoring, automatic launching, log capturing, … In this talk we’ll have a look at systemd, the service manager on a number of Linux distributions. Systemd allows you to deploy your Node.js applications with the same advanced features, turning your own server into something that’s as professional as the cloud, while keeping all the control.


Concurrency in Erlang & Scala: The Actor Model

Applications are becoming increasingly concurrent, yet the traditional way of doing this, threads and locks, is very troublesome. This article highlights Erlang and Scala, two programming languages that use a different approach to concurrency: the actor model.


Integrating Zend Framework and Doctrine

Covers two of the best PHP technologies currently available: Zend Framework, an Application Development Framework and Doctrine, an Object Relational Mapper and how you can combine them to create database backed applications easily.

Zend_Service_Mollom Documentation

Zend_Service_Mollom is a Zend Framework component for calling Mollom, a spam filtering and CAPTCHA service for blog comments and forum posts.