GUADEC 2008 Review

Am currently flying back from Istanbul to Brussels, with an in-between stop in M√ľnchen. Looking over the fluffy clouds beneath me, I wrote down some of my thoughts on the latest GUADEC:

  • It was my first GUADEC, so I cannot compare, but this one was awesome!
  • Kudos to the local team, very friendly and helpful people.
  • Kudos to Baris for organizing it all, must have been an insane task, but it was executed well.
  • Istanbul is a wonderful city, that never sleeps. Jackhammering at night is the most normal thing in the world.
  • Meeting all these wonderful people is an enormous source of motivation and inspiration
  • Oh btw, did somebody mention we hired Stormy Peters as our new CEO? Stand up Stormy! *applause* Meeting Stormy and talking to her was very pleasant and gave me great confidence on her suitability for the task, as well as the future of GNOME.
  • Parties on boats rock. Totally.
  • Lots of people stayed for a few days of tourism after the conference, leading to pleasant meetups in the evenings
  • Swimming near ferry terminals is a good way to lose your sandals. These boats, even from a large distance, create huge waves. Good thing I managed to recover them, saving us from a barefoot walk home
  • Turkish people are very friendly, apart from some crooked taxi drivers (which you recognize quite easily).

In all, I’m very satisfied, hope to see all of you back soon.

July 17, 2008 01:00 #guadec #gnome