FOSDEM 2011 Mono room slides

As promised, here are the slides from the Mono Developer Room at FOSDEM 2011. Unfortunately no video recordings this year.

  • Welcome F# to the MonoDevelop family (Tomas Petricek) [Slides] [Examples]
  • Manos: web apps for the lazy hacker (Jérémie Laval) [Slides]
  • The Web Objects Kitchen (Federico Di Gregorio) [Slides]
  • Mono packaging in Debian and Ubuntu – why we’re always right (Jo Shields) [Slides]
  • Mono C++ Interop (Andreia Gaita) ) [Slides]
  • Mono’s new garbage collector (Mark Probst) [Slides + Audio Recording]
  • A common graph database access layer for .NET/Mono (Achim Friedland) [Slides]
  • CloudB: a distributed hybrid storage system for the Mono framework (Antonello Provenzano) [Slides]

February 16, 2011 18:18 #fosdem #mono