Post-FOSDEM 2011 / The Trollcat experiment

The Mono Developer Room
The second edition of the Mono Developer room was once again a great success. Good talks, nice atmosphere and some interesting discussions. Slides will be online soon, unfortunately no video recordings this year.

The trollcat experiment
A couple of months ago while sending out the call-for-papers for the 2011 Mono room, I added this question to the submission form:

The majority ticked "Yes".

Looking back at my statistics from last weekend, over 90% of the speakers did in fact include some imagery of opinionated animals or cartoon figures, often comically yet clearly strengthening the discourse. I would like to present this observation as a data point in the ongoing research on the finer points of trollcats in contemporary society which is being carried out by Miguel for some time now.

February 8, 2011 17:00 #mono #fosdem