Mono @ FOSDEM 2012: Slides

Slightly overdue, but here they are, the slides from the 2012 Mono Developer Room @ FOSDEM:

  • Enough Debian packaging knowledge to hurt yourselves slightly less than you do already (Jo Shields) [ODP]
  • Mono – State of the Union (Miguel De Icaza) [PDF]
  • Gluon (Federico Di Gregorio) [ZIP]
  • Banshee: Past, Present, Future and the Crazy stuff (Olivier Dufour) [PDF]
  • IronPython: Bringing the dynamic world to the CLR (Carlos Alberto Cortez Guevara) [PDF]
  • MonoGame (Dominique Louis, Dean Ellis & Kenneth Pouncy) [PDF] [Video 1] [Video 2]
  • XWT (Lluis Sanchez) [PDF]
  • MonoMac (Miguel De Icaza) [PDF]

Thanks for attending everyone, we had a great day!

February 28, 2012 18:50 #fosdem #mono