Release notes: May 2014

What’s the point of releasing open-source code when nobody knows about it? In “Release Notes” I give a┬áround-up of recent open-source activities.

angular-rt-popup (New, github)

A small popover library, similar to what you can find in Bootstrap (it uses the same markup and CSS). Does some things differently compared to angular-bootstrap:

  • Easier markup
  • Better positioning and overflows
  • Correctly positions the arrow next to anchor



grunt-git (Updated, github)

  • Support for –depth in clone.
  • Support for –force in push.
  • Multiple file support in archive.


angular-gettext (Updated, github, website)

Your favorite translation framework for Angular.JS gets some updates as well:

  • You can now use $count inside a plural string as the count variable. The older syntax still works though. Here’s an example:
    <div translate translate-n="boats.length" translate-plural="{{$count}} boats">One boat</div>
  • You can now use the translate filter in combination with other filters:
    {{someVar | translate | lowercase}}
  • The shared angular-gettext-tools module, which powers the grunt and gulp plugins is now considered stable.

June 1, 2014 18:12 #javascript #angular