Folders to the side

A little while back, Mike Gem√ľnde (tigger) wrote one of the nice features that will be present in the upcoming F-Spot release (really soon!): the folder bar. What is this? It’s a new sidebar page that shows the folders in which your photos are located and allows you to browse them by folder.

Folders in the sidebar
Folders in the sidebar

While we still believe that you shouldn’t be bothered with files and directories in F-Spot (and focus on photos), it’s impossible to hide this completely: laptop users can’t store all their photos on the internal disk and often need an external hard disk. And some users are really fond of their directory structure. We’re not trying to impose anything and this is a first step to give the users the freedom they want: browsing by directory. This is in git right now and will be present in the upcoming release.

Future things we should support can include things like support for external USB hard-disks. Want to see that happening? Come over and have a chat, we’re always looking for extra developers and user interface designers.

July 22, 2009 20:59 #gnome #f-spot