F-Spot performance improvements

When it comes to performance, F-Spot hasn’t always been the best of it’s class. Part of my Summer of Code time has been spent on improving that. While reworking the editors (which will land soon), I ran into trouble spots, which I’ve started fixing. My mentor improved in these.

To show the difference, I’ve made a small unscientific benchmark. Below are the times needed to add 2 tags to a set of 1000 photos. During this amount of time, the user interface freezes.

Adding 2 tags to 1000 photos

Observe how the whole UI freezes for over 20 seconds in the currently released version. In SVN, you hardly notice it happening! This is a 44.5 times speedup!

Similar improvements are to be found everywhere. I’m most fond of the fact that the image doesn’t reload anymore while adding tags. This means using type-to-tag (the t-hotkey) is now completely instant and a joy to use.

All of this is in SVN and will be available in the next release.

July 29, 2008 19:14 #summerofcode #gnome #f-spot