Summer of Code Update

Google Summer of Code
Lots of activity around F-Spot lately. As there’s a number of people very curious about what I’m doing, I’ve made a small screencast providing a sneak preview.

In the screencast I first highlight the old editing tools below, which are quite hidden. I then show you how the new tools will be implemented.

Editor sneak preview
Click for screencast (Ogg Theora)

The UI is still very basic, as my GTK+-fu isn’t all that strong.

F-Spot performance enhancements
At the same time, both Stephane Delcroix (my mentor, who should really blog more!) and me are working on big patches to improve F-Spot performance. Expect a much smoother experience soon!

July 1, 2008 19:12 #summerofcode #gnome #f-spot