New beginnings

A couple of weeks ago our first-born daughter appeared into my life. All the clich├ęs of what this miracle does with a man are very well true. Not only is this (quite literally) the start of a new life, it also gives you a pause to reflect on your own life.

Around the same time I’ve finished working on the project that has occupied most of my time over the past years: helping a software-as-a-service company completely modernize and rearchitect their software stack, to help it grow further in the coming decade.

Going forward, I’ll be applying the valuable lessons learned while doing this, combined with all my previous experiences, as a consultant. More specifically I’ll be focusing on DevOps and related concerns. More information on that can be found on this page.

I also have a new business venture in the works, but that’s the subject of a future post.

May 7, 2019 17:03 #life #devops #consulting #startup