node-apk-parser - Extract Android Manifest info from an APK file.

This was written some time ago, but might still be interesting to release: node-apk-parser.

If you ever tried to extract data from an Android APK file (such as the application name), you’ll have noticed that Google decided to use a very complex binary XML encoding. This format is a major pain in the ass to decode. The node-apk-parser module helps you do exactly that: get as much info out of an APK file, without the pain.

There are some modules available for this, but none handle encoded strings, so they’re generally useless. This module uses the aapt tool from the Android SDK and is thus capable of decoding all the gory details you want.

Unit-tested and battle-tested in production, now available for yours to enjoy:

August 3, 2013 19:26 #android #nodejs