Deploying Node.js: the modern way

Last week I gave a talk on deploying Node.js on your own systems with all the modern magic that systemd has to offer.

From the abstract:

Deploying Node.js with systemd: you can have the magic of the cloud too!
Cloud deployment platforms like Heroku and Nodejitsu contain a lot of infrastructure for managing your application: monitoring, automatic launching, log capturing, …┬áIn this talk we’ll have a look at systemd, the service manager on a number of Linux distributions. Systemd allows you to deploy your Node.js applications with the same advanced features, turning your own server into something that’s as professional as the cloud, while keeping all the control.

I’ve turned the slides into an annotated guide, which is now online. Read it here.

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January 21, 2013 17:52 #systemd #nodejs