Quarter of a century

As of today I’ve passed the mark of 25 years of¬†existence. And what a ride it has been:

  • Started out as one cell, then gained about 1m78 in height.
  • Went from illiterate and unknowing to a university degree¬†and a slightly better insight in the way of the world.
  • Started a PhD, abandoned it and started a company (going strong! [1]).
  • Saw parts of the earth and while doing so found out that I have much more to explore.
  • Found a bunch of friends and the most wonderful girl on earth.
  • Met a huge amount of interesting and inspiring people along the way.

I cannot wait to see what the next quarter of a century will bring!
To anyone I’ve encountered: thanks, it’s been a pleasure.

[1] And growing, more on that soon!

September 26, 2011 18:33