The Quest for Housing (Leuven)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking for an apartment in Leuven and I’ve noticed a few curious things:

  • There is no apparent correlation whatsoever between size and price. You can pay EUR 450 for 20 squared meters, but you can also find the same for EUR 200. At the same moment, you can find stuff as large as 100 squared meters for EUR 700
  • The photography on real estate websites is often extremely horrible. Is it that realtors have no taste, or is this intentional concealing of the truth through horror?
  • Why is it that it’s not the norm to have a floor plan available? I’ve spent quite some time trying to puzzle together photos to figure out the layout of some places, but even then, why not make it easier for future renters?

I can readily see an opportunity for a good informative real estate website, focused on the potential rentors. Where are the designers?

Note: If you’re not from the Leuven, Belgium area, you might want to skip the second half of this post.
A call for help
So far the search has not given us a suitable result. Therefore I turn to the lazyweb! I would really appreciate tips for (E-mail):

  • A nice two-person apartment,
  • Totalling at around EUR 700 rental per month (ideally costs included),
  • If possible with two bedrooms, such that we can turn one of those into a small office,
  • Available from August 1,
  • Obviously with all the standard requirements: the larger, lighter, …. the better (no suprises here),
  • Preferably located in this area:

South-East + Center

I’m still thinking on how to reward good tips, but I’m fairly certain that the joy of finding a new place will bring me into a sufficiently happy and creative state to come up with something :-).

April 30, 2010 13:32 #leuven