GNOME GSoC 2010 Students

Earlier this week, the GNOME students for Google’s Summer of Code 2010 were announced. Below you can find a sneak preview of what we can expect to see. We’ve had a ton of good proposals and as such a really though selection process.

In the end the selection was made based on a number of factors , which include the quality of the proposal, the usefulness for GNOME, the potential stick-around-after-gsoc-factor and others.

Also, some of the titles and abstracts below might not fully represent the actual projects, as we’ve asked some students to adjust their projects. More info will come over the coming weeks (mostly from the students themselves). Stay tuned!

A more useful Now Playing source for Banshee
Student: Alex Launi, Mentor: Alexander Kojevnikov, Abstract

Anjuta Snippets Plug-in
Student: Dragos Dena, Mentor: Johannes Schmid, Abstract

BuilDj: A build definition format for GNOME
Student: Emel Elvin Yildiz, Mentor: Albeto Ruiz, Abstract

Clutter screensavers
Student: William Hua, Mentor: Thomas Wood, Abstract

DACP support in Rhythmbox
Student: Alexandre Rosenfeld, Mentor: W. Michael Petullo, Abstract

Ease : presentation authoring tool for the GNOME desktop
Student: Stephane Maniaci, Mentor: Nate Stedman, Abstract

Enhance the operation of GNOME Shell LookingGlass
Student: Christina Boumpouka, Mentor: colin walters, Abstract

Extending Jokosher to Include a Musical Score Editor
Student: David Williams, Mentor: Michael Sheldon, Abstract

Flesh-Out the Message Tray in Gnome Shell
Student: Matthew Novenstern, Mentor: Marina Zhurakhinskaya, Abstract

gedit multiviews
Student: Ignacio Casal, Mentor: Jesse van den Kieboom, Abstract

Getting Things GNOME! integration with online GTD services
Student: Paul Kishimoto, Mentor: Lionel Dricot, Abstract

Getting things GNOME! integration with online services
Student: Luca Invernizzi, Mentor: Lionel Dricot, Abstract

Getting Things GNOME! Web Service and API
Student: Karlo Jez, Mentor: Bertrand Rousseau, Abstract

GNOME Project Mallard online
Student: Sergio Infante Montero, Mentor: Shaun McCance, Abstract

GTK+ refactoring to make possible GTK+ 3
Student: javier jardon, Mentor: Carlos Garnacho, Abstract

Improving the desktop experience with the “Task” and “TaskMonitor” D-Bus API
Student: Salomon Sickert, Mentor: Danielle Madeley, Abstract

Make a Tracker based ORM
Student: Adrien Bustany, Mentor: Juerg Billeter, Abstract

Proposal for completing Jokosher Telepathy support for recording VoIP calls and extending it with Tubes support
Student: Peteris Krisjanis, Mentor: Michael Sheldon, Abstract

Rhythmbox: Improved Plugin
Student: Jamie Nicol, Mentor: Jonathan Matthew, Abstract

Spicing up Cheese – Sexier Form and More Function
Student: Yuvaraj Pandian, Mentor: daniel siegel, Abstract

Totem Markers/Chapters Support
Student: Alexander Saprykin, Mentor: Bastien Nocera, Abstract

Zeitgeist: Libzeitgeist wrapper around DBus API
Student: Michal Hruby, Mentor: Seif Lotfy, Abstract

April 29, 2010 12:08 #gnome #summerofcode