Bargain: 48 WHr 6-Cell Battery for Dell Mini 12

Due to a mistake in their administration work Dell recently sent me a 6-cell battery for the mini 12. I cannot use this battery, as I own a mini 10 (and it really doesn’t fit in that one). Fortunately, a quick phone call sorted things out and they sent me a new correct one. No need to send back the old one, that’s not economic for Dell.

Therefore I’m offering it up for sale. If you are a free-software hacker who owns a Dell Mini 12 and you want a 6-cell battery: I’m offering mine, brand new and unused (I can’t anyway), for the bargain price of around 80 euro. These batteries usually sell for around 120 euro / 150 USD, so you’re getting about a third off (aint’t that nice?). With this purchase, you’ll also be sponsoring F/OSS development of a poor hacker, consider that the additional benefit.

The only problem will be how to get it: shipping these things costs quite a bundle, so unless there’s some way of hand-delivery, it probably won’t save you that much. I live in Belgium and I will be at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit next week. If you are interested, contact me before Friday and I’ll bring it along.

June 30, 2009 06:35