Zend_Service_Mollom 1.0.0 & 1.1.0

I have just released Zend_Service_Mollom 1.0.0 and 1.1.0.

If you run a blog that accepts comments, you’re probably familiar with comment spam. You could manually verify all comments, but that gets cumbersome after some time. A better solution is using an automatic scanner to verify comments. Like Mollom. Mollom checks your comments and provides CAPTCHAs if it’s not 100% sure (about 2% of all comments). This takes the hard work of removing spam out of your hands, with the reassurance that no good content will be blocked. More on the How Mollom works page.

Zend_Service_Mollom is a Zend Framework component that makes using Mollom dead simple. Offcourse, even if you don’t use the full Zend Framework for your website, it can also be used as a standalone component.

Yesterday marked the release of 1.0.0, which was immediately followed today by 1.1.0, after feedback from the Mollom team.

Download instructions and documentation can be found here: Zend_Service_Mollom.



December 7, 2008 12:25 #zendframework #php