Midsummer highlights

More than half of my three months long summer has passed by, time for some highlights. As I have just finished a very long working day, I won’t use too much words.

Most importantly, I’m working at IBM. I’m part of the Extreme Blue internship. In 12 weeks, me and three other students will create a new innovative service for Belgacom, Belgiums biggest Telco.

I went to the summer carnival in Rotterdam, which is certainly an interesting phenomenon.

I went to Tomorrowland, where I saw some of my favourite artists, including David Guetta and Jeff Mills (who truly deserves to be called the God of Techno).

I made it into the newspaper with my internship. The full text (in French) is in the comments, it gives a very nice introduction into what I’m doing there.

Snoop Dogg came to Marktrock. Couldn’t miss that one!

August 20, 2007 23:01