White! Everything!

Another year without a white Christmas, but just when I was wondering if this would be caused by global warming, snow started falling down. Nature is in balance again, it’s winter and I’m quite glad I can stay inside…

Siberia? No! Belgium!

… to study. Unfortunately, the end of the year also means studying. I won’t be doing anything else till February.

Tomorrow night 2006 will be starting and while most of you will be sending SMS-messages like mad, I won’t. No, I haven’t started hating everybody, but SMS networks are usually down when the year begins, so I won’t even bother trying, instead I will be having fun with the people around me. Don’t start feeling upset if I don’t send you a message / don’t answer, I love you all ;-).

Bike with basket
The famous bike-with-the-basket makes it into cyberspace!

Awesome program on Canvas yesterday: “De wereld van Tarantino: The village of sleeping beauty”, about a Russian village which seems to be stuck 100 years in time. More info: De wereld van Tarantino: The village of sleeping beauty.

December 30, 2005 19:47