Incoherent roundup

It seems I stopped blogging when launched. Time to put an end to this.

I’m still enjoying my three months of vacation, which seem to last forever. Besides feeding little kittens and reading 4 books at the same time, I’m in a heroic battle to get my room ready in time for the start of the new university year. Hectic times up ahead.

Cool thing I noticed when updating Ubuntu: both suspend & hibernate work flawlessly, extremely sweet!

Tom: You feared looking like the negativist when commenting on my pictures. The worst critics one can get, is no critics at all (as then, one does not know his errors). Thanks for doing them, and keep doing them.

To all my friends who received bad news yesterday (about their studies): Keep going!

Other cool thing: Jonas & Maarten, two of my best friends will be performing September 30, at my old high school (at the anual herfstfeest, autumn feast), you can expect a surprising, yet powerful techno set from them, prepare for the unexpected :-)

September 13, 2005 21:08